Humming into Spring!

I was inspired to make this by Spencer Pratt's Instagram stories. He loves crystals (which is why he is the only member of the Hills I follow) and he's super upbeat and funny

I didn't really know how I would do it and I have certainly never made anything as complicated but I thought I'd give  it a go. I'm always

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Hematite. Mars on Earth

I made this glyph using Hematite, a metal that is abundant on the surface of Mars.

As we're moving into the sign of Aries, whose planetary ruler is Mars, as well as this being the beginning of the Astro year, I thought this would be a fitting image to start of with. Really capture that power, that passion, the essence of this period of time when the sun resides in Aries, affording us all a rebirth and a recalibration of our minds, bodies and souls. We step into the cardinal energies that abound us (seven planets in cardinal signs at the moment) 

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